Blair Pircon

Image of Blair Pircon

MBA Major Entrepreneurship, Kellogg School of Management, 2016

Involvement at The Garage:

Resident in the fall, winter, and spring quarters working on my start-up, The Graide Network

After Graduation:

Founder and CEO of The Graide Network

How did The Garage prepare you for your next step?

The Garage was the perfect environment for running my company full-time while also going to graduate school. More than an amazing space to work, it provided a supportive community of staff, students, and fellow entrepreneurs. That community was instrumental in the evolution of The Graide Network in several ways, from providing advice on technology solutions to hiring practices and connections to investors.

Favorite Garage memory:

Failing at my first "fail". I jumped up to share a failure story at one of the first family dinners of the year, and then couldn't figure out how to pop the celebratory failure confetti.