Connor Regan

BA Learning and Organizational Change, SESP, Class of 2016

Involvement at The Garage:

Lead marketing for Eighty Nine Robotics, a startup building the world's first ever fly-from-anywhere consumer drone

After Graduation:

Associate Product Marketing Manager at Google in Mountain View, CA

How did The Garage prepare you for your next step?

Even though I won't immediately be moving into the world of startups, The Garage has shown me just how deep my passion for entrepreneurship is. I'm confident that I will find myself working on a startup again in the future. My experiences at The Garage also taught me the importance of surrounding myself with people who are passionate and excited about bringing their ideas to life.

Favorite Garage memory:

When our team got up in front of all the other Garage residents to talk about a setback we'd encountered only to be met with applause and support from our peers.