Priya Kumar

Weinberg School of Arts and Sciences, Economics and Political Science, Class of 2016

Involvement at The Garage:

I was apart of the first team of Residents at The Garage from its inception in the fall of 2015, through my role as the CEO of Northwestern Student Holdings. 

After Graduation:

Associate Consultant at Bain & Company 

How did The Garage prepare you for your next step?

The Garage prepared me for my next step by introducing me to an incredible community of peers and mentors with a shared passion and allowed me to get more out of my NSH experience by providing a platform to do more in the organization. After the founding of The Garage, the NSH community grew significantly stronger as The Garage created a physical space to work through challenging business problems and infrastructure changes in a supportive environment. The early mornings and late nights spent at The Garage making tweaks to a business plan or debating over the most strategic operational model moving forward,  has prepared me in an unparalleled way for the challenging, team-based business environment I am about to enter. 

Favorite Garage memory:

My favorite Garage memory is one Sunday night when I came into The Garage past midnight preparing for a very long night ahead, getting ready for an upcoming NSH Board Meeting. I thought it would be near empty, but instead I walked into a bustling room of people, each working on something big, something that would change the world or most certainly change them. Someone was about to order pizza and asked if anyone else wanted to join in; someone else was asking if anyone had a whiteboard marker they could borrow. That's when I realized that what is so special about The Garage is that it isn't just a physical space--it is there to make the difficult moments of entrepreneurship easier by introducing you to a community to laugh through it with.