Rebecca Sholiton

MBA Concentration in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Kellogg School of Management, 2016

Involvement at The Garage:

Resident working on my start-up, Pak’d

After Graduation:

I will be working full-time on my start-up, Pak’d. We are a Chicago-based startup that delivers fresh, custom and pre-packaged lunches directly to your door. We are on a mission to make it easy for busy parents to serve their families healthy food.

How did The Garage prepare you for your next step?

The Garage helped my startup, Pak’d, improve almost every aspect of our business – from learning to pitch to over 100 Residents of The Garage or attending office hours with EIRs, there were an impressive number of opportunities to engage. I know we will carry with us the mentorship from The Garage team as well as its network of successful entrepreneurs that serve as resources for all of The Garage Residents.

Favorite Garage memory:

Serving Pak’d to over 100 Residents for one of our weekly family dinners!