Give Back

What if you had a chance to support student innovators?

The Garage is the heart of innovation, imagination, and collaboration at Northwestern. We are a motley crew of disruptors, makers, and curious problem solvers who can’t help but wonder… what if?

The Garage and its programs, supporting Northwestern student founders, is funded through the generous donations from individuals, families, foundations, and alumni that share our passion for shaping the next generation of makers, thinkers, and doers. Join us, and help us take learning beyond the classroom.

Northwestern gratefully honors the leadership donors to The Garage. Their generosity recognizes that our students have the knowledge, creativity, and entrepreneurial drive to be successful and trust themselves.

  • The Ferro Family Foundation
  • The Ryan Foundation
  • Valerie Jo Roberts Friedman ’85 + Mark Friedman ’16 P, ’18 P
  • Nan Trienens Kaehler ’79 MA/MS
  • Peter Barris ’73 + Adrienne Barris ’11 P
  • T. Bondurant French ’75, ’76 MBA + Hollis French ’07 P
  • Christopher Galvin, ’73, ’77 MBA + Cynthia Galvin ’78, ’11 P
  • Andrew E. Senyei ’79 MBA + JoAnn Senyei ’06 P, ’08 P
  • Larry Levy ’66, ’67 MBA + Carol Levy ’64
  • Gordon I. Segal ’60 + Carole B. Segal ’60, ’93 P