Meet Our Resident Teams

Resident teams are made up of committed student entrepreneurs looking to grow their ideas while giving back to The Garage community.

The Garage Residency Program is an opportunity for student teams, both undergraduate and graduate, to be core members of The Garage’s entrepreneurial community. Resident teams use The Garage as their office and receive special privileges like 24/7 access, a weekly Family Dinner and priority for Office Hours with mentors and staff. To learn more about The Residency Program, click here.


Anther helps artists grow their following by using AI to recommend the right place for their music.


Bite-2-Better is a platform that facilitates fundraiser events between student organizations and local restaurants, connecting both parties and providing essential infrastructure.


Boardible is a digital board game marketplace that offers an immersive gameplay experience for players and a no-code game development engine for publishers.

We help people live healthier lives with multimodal AI products.


Borrough is a peer-to-peer rental marketplace that facilitates the renting and lending of household items between neighbors, aiming to change the way people think about what they need to own with the ultimate goal of reducing consumption and building more connected communities.

Brownie Bytes

An all-in-one destination for rewards.

Caped Clinicians

Caped Clinicians is a research publication that makes scientific research more accessible, regardless of one’s educational background


By centralizing and simplifying club communication and management, ClubConnect makes it easy to get involved and stay engaged with campus communities, which enables students to get the most out of their college experience.


Cogno is an automated workspace to help users capture, share, and make use of unstructured information

Cue the Curves

Cue the Curves is an online platform for plus-size women to find and discuss clothing brands.


Envo is a sustainable product company aiming to replace single-use plastic products with innovative solutions.


Explorate is a platform that aims to make international volunteering more accessible by bridging those with a passion for social/environmental justice with an NGO volunteering opportunity that resonates with them.


‘One-stop’ female health concierge providing personalized and holistic care to women with chronic conditions (I.e., PCOS and endometriosis). We offer a platform to engage different care providers (e.g., dietitians, habit coaches, mental health practitioners, OBGYN) to provide necessary care support in managing symptoms.


Flock is a new college search tool helping match students with colleges that share their values to create happier, more fulfilling college experiences.


We are a common grant application for nonprofits and philanthropists.


hostU is a medium term shared economy rental platform exclusive to college undergraduates, graduates, and faculty.


We connect recruiters with university student organizations.

Indigo Social

We collaborate with Evanston venues to host pop-up nightlife events to bring fun and affordable social experiences to Wildcats, while simultaneously supporting our local businesses.


InfernoGuard is developing a utility patented wildfire detection and warning system to improve response time and the negative impacts for at-risk communities.


Leva is a customized mentorship software and service designed to empower women in the workplace, enable strong retention, and provide structured mentorship programming.

Litterbox LLC

Litterbox provides convenient, affordable, and secure summer storage for Northwestern students.


MedMatch is the first and only dating platform for Medical Students.


Olympus is an all-in-one mobile application that enables weightlifters to analyze key performance metrics, share their progress, and engage with a global community of athletes.

Opto Financial

Opto Financial provides personal finance tools targeted at the needs of graduate students and workers who do not make a consistent monthly income.


ORCO designs and manufactures lightweight, affordable prostheses using advanced 3D printing technology and novel PPG muscle sensors.

Overture Games

We develop video games for music students that they play with their instrument.

PETAL Solutions

At PETAL we prioritize equitable, transformative, and active learning solutions.


Ready to eat overnight oats that provide a nutrient-filled, satiating, high protein easy breakfast option for everyone on the go.

Project MED

Project MED (Medicine, Exposure, and Development) is an organization that focuses on educating and preparing high school students for careers in healthcare, particularly in underserved communities.


Building software to help math students receive more high-quality feedback on their work while saving teachers time in the process.


Roete is creating a discover-to-earn platform that helps small businesses connect to crowdfunders, clients, and suppliers.


Skuy is a community-focused discussion and news aggregation mobile platform where students can start a chat, ask for help, or even rant about a certain topic, AND find other people who would love to join in on the conversation.


SolStamps is a cybersecurity software using blockchain technology to validate sender identities over email.

Soom Shower

Filtered shower head that purifies water, infuses it with nourishing vitamins, and diffuses calming aromatics.


Spherical is an engaging mobile app that helps people to maintain meaningful and authentic relationships.


SPLIT matches students going to or from airports so they can split an uber or Lyft.

Square One

Square One is a 501c3 nonprofit with a mission to promote children’s health and wellness through an equitable and accessible health curriculum based on principles of problem-based learning.


 Designing a pen to increase ability and independence for people with Parkinson’s Disease, specifically counteracting the most writing-inhibitive Parkinson’s symptoms.


Sync helps you take impeccable meeting notes by transforming your scrappy bullets into dependable, shareable, actionable minutes. The vision is to imprint an openly collaborative culture in organizations by taking the busywork out of communication.


Online event ticketing and event management for black tie events.


TriCluck empowers heritage speakers by transforming their aurally learned heritage language abilities from an intermediate/advanced level to a workplace native language level via mixed language immersion (Chinglish, Konglish) and customized artificial intelligence.

Venture Health Studio LLC

A health-tech holding company striving to improve the health and lifestyle quality for people through the development of innovative technological solutions.

Waveform Social

Waveform Social is a digital marketing agency designed to help podcasters optimize every episode they make for maximum impact and impressions across various channels, with a strategy centered on short-form videos, including TikToks, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and Pinterest Idea Pins.


WhenWeEat is a mobile application streamlining the process of users finding a common date, time, and location to share a meal, revolutionizing the way dining is utilized on campus as a means for forming and reinforcing social partnerships.

Xenah Developers

Coding consultancy that aims to develop skills for CS undergrads while delivering quality apps and websites to clients.