Meet Our Resident Teams

Resident teams are made up of committed student entrepreneurs looking to grow their ideas while giving back to The Garage community.

The Garage Residency Program is an opportunity for student teams, both undergraduate and graduate, to be core members of The Garage’s entrepreneurial community. Resident teams use The Garage as their office and receive special privileges like 24/7 access, a weekly Family Dinner and priority for Office Hours with mentors and staff. To learn more about The Residency Program, click here.

3 Point Productions

3 Point Productions is a film production company based in Nairobi, Kenya that creates engaging content for the youth, by the youth in which we are represented.

8 In the Box

8ITB specializes in high quality multimedia content that beginner sports fans can understand and advanced fans can enjoy.

Acorn Genetics

Acorn Genetics specializes in providing private home DNA testing kits, allowing our clients access to their genetic information without the concern of their data being sold.

Agora Health

Agora Health is a digital disease management platform that enables precise, proactive and personalized care for patients with chronic GI conditions.


Alva is your online personal jeweler.


Natural wellness products that integrate into daily lives.

Authentic Media Ascension LLC

AMA propels the next generation of brands through growth analytics and digital strategy. We’re a growth agency dedicated to helping creators focus on what they love most: creating.


With social impact certifications and crowd-sourced reviews, Bizi empowers you to find local shops and e-retailers that align with your values.

Blu Box

An accessible, community-driven device that effectively disinfects heavy use items for every day protection.


Buff’d provides groups of friends with in-depth gaming reports to fuel the banter.


Cerer is an e-commerce shopping platform dedicated to shifting the fashion industry down a more sustainable path.


Ciclo is a secondhand clothing platform that aims to make buying secondhand an easier and more predictable experience.


Cravosity is a tech-enabled, end-to-end solution to automate the group dining planning process, connecting “foodies” to new restaurants and to other “foodies” in their network.

Crown Care

Platform that aims to provide a sense of community and education for curly haired individuals.

Cue the Curves

An online platform designed to support plus size girls and women.


Duo is the only women’s shoe brand that delivers comfort with confidence for the uncompromising achiever in an era which athleisure has raised the standard for comfort.

Empowered Conversations

Empowered Conversations is a digital, survivor-activated tool that promotes effective, authentic, and empathetic conversations between survivors of sexual assault and their family members and friends


Explorate is a website that makes meaningful / life-changing international volunteering opportunities feel more at home and at the comfort of each other by sharing information across volunteers to stay connected with each other.


A marketplace for local services.


HuddleMD combines medical data with social determinants of health to revolutionize remote patient monitoring for congestive heart failure.

Induction Learning

Empowering learners the smart way.


InfernoGuard offers a low-cost, utility patented wildfire detection and warning system to landowners in fire prone areas, ultimately improving response time and minimizing negative impacts of wildfires.


Innovestments offers a hands-off real estate investing experience in order to accomplish 3 goals – increase access, increase ownership, get returns.

Iris Education

Clear, concise and centralized access to U.S college culture.


Lighthouse is a learning platform that lets teachers make and share their own content while letting their students choose the topics they want to learn about.


Litterbox provides convenient, affordable, and secure summer storage for Northwestern students.

Mark IV Games

A board game design and publishing company geared towards creating, marketing and selling original games.

Minimal Snacks

A health snack startup that creates high quality products with recognizable ingredients you can count on one hand.

Neuroscience Applications

Neuroscience Applications uses data from the brain to assesses an individual’s cognitive abilities (e.g., attention), and provides consultation services for employers regarding their employees (e.g., performance issues).

On Brand

On Brand is the newest, highly personalized, online shopping platform that aggregates all the brands and products that YOU love in one, easy-to-shop-from interface, and uses your shopping patterns to recommend new brands and products that you haven’t yet heard of!


Dry Bar for makeup – providing affordable, natural and stress free services because women want to get their makeup done but do not have good options to do so.

Powder Blue Media

A media company featuring B2B consulting services and a Gen Z storytelling outlet called Unplugg’d.


Providing transparency and accountability for mail-in/absentee voters.


A mobile app to discover unique places and share the ones you love.