Meet Our Resident Teams

Resident teams are made up of committed student entrepreneurs looking to grow their ideas while giving back to The Garage community.

The Garage Residency Program is an opportunity for student teams, both undergraduate and graduate, to be core members of The Garage’s entrepreneurial community. Resident teams use The Garage as their office and receive special privileges like 24/7 access, a weekly Family Dinner and priority for Office Hours with mentors and staff. To learn more about The Residency Program, click here.

3 Point Productions

3 Point Productions is a film production company based in Nairobi, Kenya that creates high quality content for the Youth, by the Youth in Kenya.

8 In the Box

8 In The Box Productions is a new-age sports media company specializing in football coverage focusing on the placekicking niche.


bekome is a web platform helping Gen-Z, millennials, and people of color find their right therapist based on personality, lifestyle and cultural fit.


A browser extension that surfaces curated alternatives from secondhand marketplaces.

Caped Clinicians

It is a research publication that works to make scientific breakthroughs by presenting research in a non-traditional way.


An online retailer that focuses on sustainably and ethically made women’s clothing.

Cue the Curves

Cue the Curves is an online platform for plus-size women to find and discuss clothing brands.

Empowered Conversations

Empowered Conversations is a non-profit startup dedicated to helping sexual assault survivors have empathetic and healing conversations with their chosen confidants using a web-based training tool.


Explorate strives to make international volunteering feel more at home through connecting travelers around the world and sharing transparent information about the programs.

Indigo Social Club

Indigo Social Club will curate pop-up nightlife events at Evanston venues with the goal of creating fun experiences for Northwestern students and supporting local businesses.


InfernoGuard is developing a utility patented wildfire detection and warning system to improve response time and the negative impacts for at-risk communities.


KOYLD is an afro-textured hair focused brand with a mission is to restore the hair identity of the African and African diasporic woman while creating an environment for her to flourish.


Leva is a customized mentorship software and service designed to empower women in the workplace, enable strong retention, and provide structured mentorship programming.

Liquid Confidence

Liquid Confidence is the first kombucha cocktail on the market, a great-tasting RTD functional beverage that allows you to party without compromise.


Litterbox provides convenient, affordable, and secure summer storage for Northwestern students.

Mark IV Games

We’re Mark IV Games, a group of Northwestern students dedicated to designing and self-publishing engaging and fun board games.


Palette aims to be the DryBar for makeup services, which provides women a way to feel like the most confident version of themselves by offering a makeup service that is dependable, inclusive and convenient.

Pyaari Weddings is a first-of-its-kind South Asian wedding directory where couples can shop for wedding vendors based on pricing, reviews, and more; add them to their ‘cart;’ and check out with a customized, a-la-carte wedding plan in less than 5 minutes.


For the aspiring leader, Rhetoric is an application that provides real-time feedback on spoken communication to develop into a more confident, empathetic, and persuasive communicator. Our mission is to enable personal growth, unlock efficiency, and promote powerful habits through “companion artificial intelligence”.


We design adaptive, attractive intimates for women with upper mobility challenges


Talaria aims to make it easier for people to manage the various administrative tasks that follow the death of a loved one such as transferring bills & assets; closing subscriptions or digital accounts; notifying employers, the Social Security Administration, or Veterans Affairs.

The Walnut Brain

Our company, The Walnut Brain, leverages a unique learning mechanism to help lifelong learners retain key ideas from their favorite non-fiction books through powerful questions, increased interactivity, and active recall.


An app community where people share the places they love.

Venture Health Studio (VHS)

A health-tech startup holding company striving to improve the health and lifestyle quality for people worldwide through the development of innovative technological solutions.

Xenah Developers

Coding consultancy that aims to develop skills for CS undergrads while delivering quality apps and websites to clients.