Meet Our Resident Teams

Resident teams are made up of committed student entrepreneurs looking to grow their ideas while giving back to The Garage community.

The Garage Residency Program is an opportunity for student teams, both undergraduate and graduate, to be core members of The Garage’s entrepreneurial community. Resident teams use The Garage as their office and receive special privileges like 24/7 access, a weekly Family Dinner and priority for Office Hours with mentors and staff. To learn more about The Residency Program, click here.

3 Point Productions

3 Point Productions is a film production company based in Nairobi, Kenya that creates high quality content for the Youth, by the Youth in Kenya.

8 In the Box

8 In The Box Productions is a new-age sports media company specializing in football coverage focusing on the placekicking niche.

Acorn Genetics

Acorn Genetics is an at home DNA testing company specializing in private and affordable genetic testing.

Agora Health

Agora Health is a digital disease management platform that helps provide precise, personal, proactive care for patients with chronic GI conditions.

Authentic Media Ascension LLC

We help creators grow their businesses.


With social impact certifications and crowd-sourced reviews, Bizi empowers you to find local shops and e-retailers that align with your values.

blip energy

blip energy expands access to residential energy storage with an affordable smart battery, and enables accelerated adoption of renewable energy sources.


Buffd surfaces up-and-coming video game streamers.


Cerer is an e-commerce store dedicated to make the fashion industry more sustainable, one outfit at a time.


Cravosity is a social dining solution that coordinates group reservations for you based on schedules and preferences, so you can just focus on connecting with friends over food.

Crown Care

Crown Care is a platform that simplifies curly hair education through personalized hair categorization and product recommendations.

Cue the Curves

Cue the Curves is an online platform for plus-size women to find and discuss clothing brands.

Empowered Conversations

Empowered Conversations promotes effective and empathetic conversations between sexual assault survivors and their loved ones; our survivor-activated tool educates and prepares confidants before the disclosure conversation.


Explorate strives to make international volunteering through connecting volunteers and sharing transparent volunteering information.


HuddleMD combines medical data with social determinants of health to revolutionize remote patient monitoring for low-income people with chronic conditions.

Indigo Social Club

Indigo Social Club curates pop-up social events at Evanston venues to create fun bonding experiences for Northwestern students and support local businesses.


InfernoGuard is developing a utility patented wildfire detection and warning system to improve response time and the negative impacts for at-risk communities.

Iris Education

Clear, centralized and authentic access to college exploration for international students.


We are the only direct-to-consumer women’s shoe brand that delivers comfort with confidence for the uncompromising achiever in an era in which COVID and athleisure raised the standard for comfort.


Litterbox provides convenient, affordable, and secure summer storage for Northwestern students.


LUKH is an online rental service, dedicated to making Indian fashion accessible to consumers in the U.S.

Mark IV Games

We’re Mark IV Games, a group of Northwestern students dedicated to designing and self-publishing engaging and fun board games.

My Home Dish

My Home Dish is a marketplace for homemade food.

Neuroscience Applications

Neuroscience Applications reads your mind by placing wearable sensors on the head to provide athletes with a window into the brain, to objectively assess performance and deliver personalized training solutions to make you and your team the best that you can be.

On Brand

On Brand is the newest online shopping platform that aggregates your favorite brands and products in one place and finds you new ones based on how you shop! We’re like the Netflix of apparel shopping!


Palette aims to be the DryBar for makeup services, which provides women a way to feel like the most confident version of themselves by offering a makeup service that is dependable, inclusive and convenient.


Culinary incubator that allows talented chefs to validate, test, and de-risk the launch of their own food ventures.

Pyaari Weddings

Plan your South Asian wedding for free in less than 5 minutes.


For the aspiring leader, Rhetoric is an application that provides real-time feedback on spoken communication to develop into a more confident, empathetic, and persuasive communicator. Our mission is to enable personal growth, unlock efficiency, and promote powerful habits through “companion artificial intelligence”.


We design adaptive, attractive, and comfortable intimates for womxn with upper mobility challenges to help them reclaim their daily experience.


Talaria aims to make it easier for people to manage the various administrative tasks that follow the death of a loved one such as transferring bills & assets; closing subscriptions or digital accounts; notifying employers, the Social Security Administration, or Veterans Affairs.

The Equal Opportunity Book Box

We are a diverse children’s book subscription that donates one book for every book sold.


A mobile app to discover unique places and share the ones you love.

Venture Health Studio (VHS)

VHS is piloting technologies to help people lead healthier lives and pioneering solutions to resolve disparities that persist within the healthcare sector in our communities.

Xenah Developers

A student run coding solutions consultancy focused on giving our employees real world project experience while working with our clients to bring their ideas to life.