Meet Our Resident Teams

Resident teams are made up of committed student entrepreneurs looking to grow their ideas while giving back to The Garage community.

The Garage Residency Program is an opportunity for student teams, both undergraduate and graduate, to be core members of The Garage’s entrepreneurial community. Resident teams use The Garage as their office and receive special privileges like 24/7 access, a weekly Family Dinner and priority for Office Hours with mentors and staff. To learn more about The Residency Program, click here.


alula is a wellness technology company that helps people rethink how they wake up and reclaim their time through a sunrise simulation smart lamp.

Authentic Media Ascension LLC

Authentic Media Ascension (AMA) embraces authentic brands and accelerates growth through data-driven social analytics and strategy.


CatsWork is a professional network management & analytics tool.

City Health Tech

Improving community health through education, engineering, and design.

Connect & Care

We use text messaging to directly alert NU students of civic engagement events and opportunities on campus, in Chicago, and internationally.


Inpatient portal – connecting patients to their care team in the hospital setting.


DealDock is a SaaS platform to automate deal flow management and improve analytics for private equity firms.


DinDin is reshaping the financial services industry in Brazil by providing smart financial services to small and mid-sized businesses through its complete Fintech as a Service platform and core banking solutions


eo is a shared micromobility system that makes getting around college campuses easier.

Induction Learning

Enabling time for the things that truly matter by learning the smart way.


Empowering everyday people to become real estate investors.


We are a network of personal music stylists who will find you music you’ll love!

Lana Kila

Creating fashionable and performance golf gear that dares women to drive the green.


Lighthouse is a learning platform that lets teachers make and share their own content while letting their students choose the topics they want to learn about.


Litterbox provides convenient, affordable, and secure summer storage for Northwestern students.

LoudChat, Inc.

LoudChat is a factory floor voice and video communication product to disrupt the radio market.


We are an online platform that improves access to sustainably manufactured textiles for small apparel brands.

MedKit Solutions

MedKit Solutions provides college students 24/7 access to hygiene products, sexual health products, and Over-the-Counter medications by introducing health and wellness vending machines on college campuses.


Memento allows the visually impaired to recognize people immediately.


A social media platform where users share the interesting, uncommon places they discover.


over&over inspires circular living by offering a lifetime membership to 100% recycled jeans that are fashionable, comfortable, and make a statement.


Qade is the first social gaming platform to offer commission-free cash competitions and comprehensive insights into gameplay with friends.


Ribbon helps managers show their appreciation to their teams by providing curated recognition recommendations that are specifically tailored to each individual employee.


Scope aims to visualize local discounts by designing a personalized platform in order to strengthen the relationship between the Northwestern community and Evanston businesses.

The Caring Medicine

The Caring Medicine is an online marketplace where customers can learn about the benefits and risks of various types of alternative and traditional medicines while accessing products that have specially curated for their health enhancing properties.

The Melodi House

The Melodi House aims at creating the relationships, conversations, and events we students came to college to experience and form.

The Table

The Table is a late-night/breakfast food cart and catering service, selling breakfast sandwiches, smoothies and juice drinks on Northwestern’s campus.


Closing the guidance gap and leveling the playing field for college admissions.


Unplugg’d is a Gen Z lifestyle brand that promotes authentic conversation through media, clothing, and events.