The Garage x Bienen School of Music

The Garage is a community and physical space for every Northwestern student interested in entrepreneurship to learn, iterate, and grow. We offer students resources, programming, and mentorship designed to help build the skills and entrepreneurial mindset they need to succeed in any industry.

Students from across the University bring a wide range of diverse academic and personal experiences that enrich the entrepreneurial environment at The Garage through exposure to new ideas, ways of thinking and skill sets.

In the fall of 2022, there were 3 Bienen students participating in programs at The Garage, working on projects ranging from transparently-sourced coffee to video games for musicians. Below are a few student stories.

Aspen Buckingham, Bienen + Weinberg ’23

Aspen is a participant in The Garage’s Residency program, where he is incubating his startup as founder and CEO of Overture Games. He and his team also participated in The Garage’s summer pre-accelerator program, Jumpstart, and won third place + $2,000 at the end-of-program Demo Day.

Aspen Buckingham

Major: Composition, Computer Science

Project / Company: Overture Games develops video games for music students that they play with their instrument.

  • After a couple years of searching, I finally found my people at Northwestern! The Garage has such a supportive and welcome community. The most valuable part has been meeting some of the most creative, enthusiastic and driven people I know.”

Alessandra Mariano, Bienen + Weinberg ’23

Alessandra is a participant in The Garage’s Residency program and recently began exploring her own venture in The Garage’s Propel program – designed to create an inclusive community and resources for female student entrepreneurs at Northwestern.

Alessandra Mariano

Major: Piano Performance, Computer Science

Project / Company: Amari provides freshly-roasted, transparently sourced, sustainable, and delicious specialty coffee – at locations that fit your lifestyle!

  • Coming into NU, I was very intrigued by entrepreneurship, yet I didn’t know the first thing about it! So, I joined a Resident team in the Garage and was welcomed into a community of talented, driven, and supportive peers. Through Residency, I learned new skills and was exposed to different roles. When I was ready to begin my own venture, the Propel program connected me to seasoned mentors, an incredible cohort of women entrepreneurs who uplifted each other, and resources to fund and develop my startup. The Garage has something to offer for anyone!”

Bienen Students at The Garage

Residency Program:

Aspen BuckinghamKate LeeAlessandra Mariano

Propel Program:

Alessandra Mariano

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