Family Dinner: Triggr Health

On Tuesday, November 8, The Garage welcomed John Haskell, Co-founder of Triggr Health: a platform that utilizes passive mobile monitoring technology alongside combined data analytics and machine learning to predictively intervene when a recovering addict is at risk of relapse. John lead a dynamic discussion in which he described his own personal inspiration for creating Triggr Health, and focused on the great importance of an entrepreneur’s connection with the problem they aim to solve with their idea.

John detailed a point in his startup journey when he was presented with an important decision – to shift direction and change Triggr’s focus to a different problem, with the possibility of a great increase in profit, or to remain committed to solving the problem he is most passionate about: preventing and predicting relapses among addicts. John remained committed to Triggr Health’s original mission, and reminded students that if you don’t care about the problem, your company will eventually lose focus or fall apart.

To learn more about John and Triggr Health, click here.

A Night for Women at The Garage: She Started It

On Thursday, November 3, 2016, The Garage, alongside Northwestern Women in Business and Chime by Sittercity, welcomed the minds behind a new documentary, “She Started It,” for a special screening of the film, followed by a Q&A with the film’s director and producer, Nora Poggi, co-director and producer Insiyah Saeed, and Sheena Allen, an entrepreneur featured in the film.

More than 120 attendees, many of whom were women with a passion for entrepreneurship, joined us to follow the story of five young women as they pitch VCs, build teams, bring products to market, fail and start again in “She Started It.”

Today, 96 percent of venture capitalists are men; women still account for less than 10 percent of founders for high growth firms, and earn just 12.9 percent of computer science degrees. “She Started It” invited us to take a glimpse into this sometimes challenging world, but at The Garage, with a room full of women interested in this space, there is inspiration for the next generation to dream bigger.

At The Garage, we strive to build a community of diversity and support, and aim to energize women in tech and entrepreneurship to think bigger and to get involved in the startup world with the guidance, mentorship, and resources provided here. Now more than ever, we invite women involved in entrepreneurship and innovation to join us at The Garage.


Family Dinner: Creating Community

The Garage is home to up to 60 student-founded startups per quarter, with Resident Teams working diligently to innovate and break ground on their big ideas–but sometimes, the sense of comradery and community can be dampened by lengthy strategic brainstorming sessions or total immersion into a project. That’s why this week’s Family Dinner included a social activity, encouraging The Garage’s Resident Teams to intermingle with one another, share ideas, and be reminded that everyone at The Garage shares the same passion for entrepreneurship.

At last week’s Family Dinner, guest speaker Andy Mack, founder and CEO of SnapMobile, encouraged students at The Garage to collaborate and share ideas, rather than be protective or secretive and emphasized the importance of teamwork. During this week’s social activity, “Lost at Sea,” students were asked to prioritize 15 survival items in order of importance as an individual and again within a randomly selected team, demonstrating the value of working together while spotlighting group dynamics.

Family Dinner Speaker: Andy Mack, Founder & CEO, SnapMobile

Andy Mack has been exposed to the world of technology for his entire career. First working as an account executive for trade show programs at fortune 500 companies, he developed sales and marketing strategies and new technology initiatives. He later developed mobile business solutions at a mobile innovation development firm, which is where his idea for SnapMobile struck. Andy realized that the processes and strategies this company was using could be optimized to better suit the business needs of many smaller companies. He created SnapMobile, a company that builds mobile apps in 4 weeks for a flat fee. Using his knowledge from his previous firm, he was able to create a new framework that standardized the app-making process for businesses with time and budget constraints.

While talking to students at Family Dinner on October 19th, he spoke passionately about the importance of collaboration, encouraging students to share ideas and not be secretive. This emphasis on teamwork has contributed to much of his success and has allowed him to build on ideas from previous jobs to create new companies and initiatives.

Family Dinner Speaker: Dan Wagner, Civis Analytics

Our family dinner guest this week was Dan Wagner, the CEO and Founder of Civis Analytics. Dan spoke to residents of The Garage about his experience as Chief Analytics Officer of the 2012 Obama campaign, and gave a brief presentation on his company and what they do. He’s been involved in the political sphere since the 2008 election, and his experience with campaign and voter analytics has provided the foundation and inspiration for Civis. He created his company in the spring of 2013 and has since paired with a variety of industries to provide analytical solutions to companies and nonprofits both large and small. At The Garage, he told residents the “real truth” about starting your own company, recognizing that it’s not as glorified as it may seem, laughing as he showed students a picture of his apartment that consisted of a barren mattress (which he described as “pathetic”). Dan shared his story to shed light on the reality of starting a new company, but nonetheless encouraged students to pursue their entrepreneurial ventures, because they could ultimately lead to something very rewarding.

Family Dinner Speaker: David Morton, DMK Restaurants

David Morton, co-owner of DMK Restaurants, started his first business venture at the age of 19 as a student at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He now owns multiple businesses and has started businesses in a variety of industries, including hospitality, real estate, music and finance. His DMK restaurants have been widely successful, perhaps the most popular being DMK Burger Bar. He and his wife also own a residential and commercial design company, which stemmed from a personal interest in flipping houses. He spoke to residents of The Garage at Family Dinner on October 5th about his various businesses and how he came to be an entrepreneur. He also offered some advice for our aspiring entrepreneurs: “If you’re not super open to mistakes, accidents, failure, then you’re missing all of the potential you have to offer.”

Family Dinner Speaker: Noah Bleicher KSM ’15, Viet Nom Nom

“If you’re going to spend 24 hours a day thinking about it, you better love it!” That’s what Noah Bleicher, KSM ‘15, told residents of The Garage last Tuesday, when reflecting on why he chose to create Viet Nom Nom. Bleicher is the CEO/Founder of Viet Nom Nom, a restaurant/catering company that offers fast-casual, healthy Vietnamese food.

After working in Colombia for a few years and running a bed-and-breakfast, Bleicher returned to the United States and wanted to re-enter the food industry. He had worked in restaurants as a waiter in high school, sparking his interest in the restaurant business. His motivation for creating Viet Nom Nom stemmed from noticing a lack of fast, healthy, flavorful food options, so he partnered up with Alan Moy, and the two researched what kind of food would meet this criteria. They traveled to San Francisco and Seattle, among other cities, to understand the way restaurants like the one they envisioned operated. They ultimately settled on Vietnamese cuisine for its use of flavorful, healthy, and fresh ingredients and felt they could translate them into delicious fast food; thus, they opened Viet Nom Nom. They have been successful as a catering business and are soon opening up a brick-and-mortar location in downtown Evanston later this fall at 618 ½ Church St.


Noah Bleicher and his business partner, Alan Moy

Ultimately, Bleicher encouraged members of The Garage to take advantage of the resources available to them at Northwestern, and to pursue something they love. “Don’t be afraid of failure,” he said, encouraging student entrepreneurs to take risks, as that is what will ultimately lead them to success.  

Family Dinner Speaker Rishi Shah

Rishi Shah (WCAS ’08) founded Context Media in 2006. Context Media provides digital screens that educate patients on how to live healthier. Their product impacts hundreds of millions of patient visits across 10,000+ hospital & health systems. In 2012, he co-founded Jumpstart Ventures, through which he has made over 45 direct investments in fast growing early to late stage startups.

Family Dinner Speaker Stella Garber

Stella Garber (WCAS ’09) is currently Vice President of Marketing for Trello. Before Trello, Stella was cofounder and CEO of matchist, a matching site for developers and entrepreneurs as well as on the founding team of FeeFighters, a payments startup that raised $1.5 million before being acquired by Groupon. Stella holds a BA in Psychology from Northwestern, and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Family Dinner Speaker Matt Matros

Matt Matros was the Founder, and is current Board Director, of Protein Bar. Protein Bar is a healthy-food quick serve chain with locations in Chicago, Washington DC, and Denver/Boulder.Matt is currently a co-founder of Limitless Coffee and Tea. Matt has an MBA from Michigan and a B.A. in Communication from USC.