Wildfire 2018: SEV7N

by Faheem Tapia

SEV7N is news for a new generation. Founded by two freshmen at Northwestern, the startup wants to change the way college students engage with their communities — local and national […]

ThinkChicago + Lollapalooza 2018

by Matthew Price

What happens when you’re in an incredible metropolitan city with a vibrant tech community, but no one pays you much attention? According to the ThinkChicago program, it’s to dispel that […]

Wildfire 2018: LineShift

by Faheem Tapia

LineShift is focused on helping manufacturers prepare for the future of work and maximize the potential of their people and processes. With technology rapidly disrupting the manufacturing industry, LineShift wants […]

Wildfire 2018: Jora

by Elisabeth Wright

Many of us have experienced it. We have a great night out on the town with friends, but find ourselves sluggish, run down, and well…hung over the next morning, slowing […]

Wildfire 2018: Globe Talk

by Faheem Tapia

Globe Talk is one of the latest startups coming out of The Garage that is focused on increasing cultural awareness. The startup has a cultural exchange program for high school […]

Wildfire 2018: Renovate

by Marine Hasson

Renovate is a platform that facilitates the home remodeling process for first time homeowners and provides a steady-stream of workflow for small to midsize contractors. The Garage sat down with […]

Wildfire 2018: WingDing

by Faheem Tapia

WingDing is the ultimate suit for the modern man. Their motto is that you don’t have to be serious to wear a serious suit. People are still wearing suits designed […]

Wildfire 2018: CoCo Health

by Marine Hasson

CoCo Health provides on-site mental wellness support for employers and employees by bringing counselors and providers to the workplace, breaking down barriers for stressed employees to manage stress effectively, and […]

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