COVID-19/Coronavirus Updates

by The Garage

Updated 4/3/20 As a center of innovation, we will practice what we preach and try to be as creative as we can during this difficult time to keep our community […]

How You Can Change Your Life in 30 Days

by Devon Spungin ’22

A little while ago, I was sitting at dinner with my friends when one mentioned his recent discovery of the 30-day challenge. Every month, he picks something he’s always wanted […]

3 Entrepreneurial Lessons from My Time at Northwestern

by Neal Taparia ’06

It’s true. Your business is your baby. Like raising a child, it requires a labor of love and constant nurturing. You can’t take a break from it, ignore it, or […]

Family Dinner with Konda Mason

by Charlotte Oxnam ’23

What is your deepest purpose? Every week, a new entrepreneur comes into our space to share their story and the lessons that they have learned to inspire our Residents during […]

Ink Factory x The Garage

by Rachel Cantor ’20

This past week, I presented my senior talk on creativity as part of my participation in the Little Joe Ventures Fellowship in Entrepreneurship. I invited Ink Factory, who creates visuals […]

De-stressing the Job Search with Digital Skills

by Devon Spungin ’22

As a current sophomore at Northwestern, I am quite empathetic toward the battalion of stressed, overwhelmed, and frustrated job seeking college students. I certainly identify as one of that variety. […]

Propel 2020 Kickoff

by Samantha Aguilar, Medill ’23

Members of the The Garage’s Propel program met on January 14 to formally kick things off for 2020.  Now in its second year, the Propel program provides female entrepreneurs with […]

The Garage Goes to Austin

by The Garage

We believe that in every student we meet through The Garage, there’s an “x-factor” differentiating them from the rest of the pack. To help understand this and to quantify it, […]

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