Why You Need to Master the Art of Storytelling

by Elisabeth Wright

They’re onto us. Interruptive, self-serving and self-centered marketing tactics no longer work the way they used to, and in the age of smartphones, social media, and being virtually connected all […]

Teaching Music Business: An International View

by Bree Aikens

Over the summer of 2016, I had the opportunity to travel across the world to Melbourne, Australia in an effort to better understand the musical culture of the city. My […]

Family Dinner: Ross Gordon of Mystery Tackebox

by The Garage

How many of us aren’t using a subscription services today? Whether it’s binge watching our favorite show on Netflix, cooking up our Blue Apron meals, or playing with new goodies […]

Founder Spotlight: Sarah Ahmad, McCormick + Weinberg ’18

by The Garage

Who: Sarah Ahmad, McCormick School of Engineering + Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences ‘18 + Co-Founder of HotPlate Major: Entrepreneurial Design and Chemical Technologies + Economics Sarah has made […]

Family Dinner: Ben Weiss of Zcruit

by The Garage

Sometimes, as a Resident at The Garage, it’s hard to envision what comes next. Do you take that job with a salary and benefits? Do you let your startup fold […]

Sleep, It Does a Body Good.

by Elisa Mitchell

Jeff Bezos does it, Sheryl Sandberg does it, and many successful entrepreneurs do it. They throw in the towel and go to sleep instead of burning the midnight oil. A […]

The Garage Gift Guide 2017

by The Garage

The holidays are here, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that in this year’s gift guide, we’re supporting Northwestern entrepreneurs (again). Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite […]

Summer Wildfire 2017, In Memoriam (Part III)

by Billy Banks

Sounds like a great summer, what did you learn? Well, that’s a fantastic question. A s*&t ton. About how to run a program like this. How to inspire and motivate. […]

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