Sprout 2020: A Reflection

by Vicky Woodburn, Medill ’21

Little Joe Ventures x LA 2020

by Mike Raab

Last week, the five Northwestern juniors who comprise the second cohort of the Little Joe Ventures fellowship had the opportunity to visit some of the most innovative technology companies in […]

The Garage SF: Building a Platform for Serendipity for the Northwestern Network

by Mike Raab

If it wasn’t for Northwestern, I wouldn’t have landed my first job after graduation working at Twentieth Century Fox Television. As a Radio / Television / Film (RTVF) major, my […]

The Propel Program + NYC 2019

by Yasmeena Faycurry

For the second year in a row, the Propel program traveled to New York City, where The Garage has built relationships with notable alumni and some of the best known […]

Wildfire 2019: Demo Day Wrap Up

by The Garage

On Wednesday, August 28, The Garage was packed with more than 150 staff, faculty, mentors, community members, and guests for our annual Demo Day – the culmination of the Wildfire […]

Wildfire Spotlight: CurtoTech

by Elisabeth Wright

How are you doing today? Denise: We’re doing well! Yeah, we had a helpful workshop this morning. They came and helped us to build a sales engine and that’s something […]

Wildfire Spotlight: Tilt

by Kim Sloan

Tilt We sat down with the co-founders of Tilt, Jimmy Kam (Kellogg ’20) and Sintuja Nagalingam (Kellogg ’20), participants in this summer’s Wildfire program, to learn more about their startup. […]

Wildfire Spotlight: Clavè

by Kim Sloan

We recently sat down with Nissim Senfeld (McCormick ’21) and Brad Ramos (McCormick ’21) to learn more about the project they’re working on during Wildfire. This interview has been edited […]

Wildfire Spotlight: Ribbon

by Kim Sloan

Introduce yourself! I’m Chris Rochester. I’m starting my second year at Kellogg in the fall. And I’m the co-founder of Ribbon.   How are you doing today? Doing pretty well. […]

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