Founder Spotlight: Isabel Benatar, Co-Founder of BOSSY Chicago

by The Garage

Who: Isabel Benatar, School of Education and Social Policy (SESP) ‘18 + Co-Founder of BOSSY Chicago Major: Learning and Organizational Change, Minor in BIP Tell us about your major and […]

Alumni Spotlight: Stevie Wiegel, McCormick, ’17

by Stevie Wiegel

Stevie is a biomedical engineer and rock climbing instructor. Her master’s degree training in biophotonics as well as her professional outdoor background were applied to design the FIRE&LIGHT Multi-Tool. Stevie is an alum of […]

Family Dinner: Robert Chesney of Trunk Club

by The Garage

On February 7, 2018, The Garage was excited to welcome Robert Chesney to our weekly Family Dinner. Robert is a former VP at eBay and former COO of Trunk Club. […]

Why You Need to Master the Art of Storytelling

by Elisabeth Wright

They’re onto us. Interruptive, self-serving and self-centered marketing tactics no longer work the way they used to, and in the age of smartphones, social media, and being virtually connected all […]

Teaching Music Business: An International View

by Bree Aikens

Over the summer of 2016, I had the opportunity to travel across the world to Melbourne, Australia in an effort to better understand the musical culture of the city. My […]

Family Dinner: Ross Gordon of Mystery Tackebox

by The Garage

How many of us aren’t using a subscription services today? Whether it’s binge watching our favorite show on Netflix, cooking up our Blue Apron meals, or playing with new goodies […]

Founder Spotlight: Sarah Ahmad, McCormick + Weinberg ’18

by The Garage

Who: Sarah Ahmad, McCormick School of Engineering + Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences ‘18 + Co-Founder of HotPlate Major: Entrepreneurial Design and Chemical Technologies + Economics Sarah has made […]

Family Dinner: Ben Weiss of Zcruit

by The Garage

Sometimes, as a Resident at The Garage, it’s hard to envision what comes next. Do you take that job with a salary and benefits? Do you let your startup fold […]

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