AI is Not Eating the World (Yet)

by Tom Hayden

Ray Kurzweil has a fun chart in his book How to Create a Mind; It’s a typical exponential-growth looking chart with various labels on it for types of “minds” – […]

IFM Wins $45k at Pitch Competitions

by The Garage

Time and time again, alumni of Northwestern and former student entrepreneurs have visited The Garage for Family Dinners and shared this advice  with our Resident Teams: take advantage of the multitude […]

Heating Up for #WinterWildfire2017

by The Garage

Winter Wildfire Demo Day is coming to The Garage, and we couldn’t be more excited. Five student teams are heating up and rehearsing their pitches after participating in the Winter […]

Family Dinner: Oliver Leopold

by The Garage

Each week at Family Dinner, we’re excited to welcome an accomplished entrepreneur to share their founder story and tidbits of wisdom with our Resident students. And this week, we had […]

Business Credit for College Students: How to Find the Card & Successfully Fund Your Startup

by Brooke Niemeyer

As great as it is to have an idea for a new company, it’s never quite as easy to figure out how to initially fund that business, especially if it […]

Learning Through Challenges: NoteShark

by Russell Marriott

I was the Marketing Director for NoteShark, a student-run venture in The Garage at Northwestern, in addition to being a junior studying Spanish and Marketing. NoteShark was Northwestern’s online marketplace […]

Launching @ Northwestern: Optimail

by Jacob Zweig, Co-Founder, Optimail

While the transition from academia to industry is always fraught with uncertainty and unique challenges, two recent graduates from Northwestern’s Psychology department have discovered that the demands and toolset of […]

Team Spotlight: Unruled.

by Elisa Finol

Classes and universities are devoted to teaching and fostering creative growth. While some people enjoy some structure in their learning, others need a blank canvas to connect ideas in whichever way […]

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