The Epidemic

by Ahren Alexander

I wholeheartedly believe in the positive and prolific impact of entrepreneurship, design, and a gritty disposition.  To all aspiring Northwestern entrepreneurs:  I don’t have all the answers, but if you […]

How Practicing Meditation Enhances Resilience

by Cindy Conlon, J.D., Ph.D.

See if this resonates: You made a pitch that was turned down, or lost a close tennis match, or lost your temper in an emotionally charged discussion with your co-founder. […]

Are We Doing This Right?

by Elisabeth Wright

At The Garage, we are aiming to do far more than help students incubate their startups. While that remains a primary focus of our programming, our ultimate goal is to […]

Thinking like an Entrepreneur in the “Real World”

by Bobby Powers

My name is Bobby, and I am 2016 Kellogg Grad and a graduate of the first accelerator class at The Garage. For me, last week marked both one year back […]

Summer Wildfire 2017, In Memoriam (Part II)

by Billy Banks

Ok, I got it. What does Wildfire look like over the 10 weeks? Wildfire is designed to be both a sprint and a marathon. In the Spring, we do some […]

Summer Wildfire 2017, In Memoriam (Part I)

by Billy Banks

Wildfire, Summer 2017. And like that, poof, it was gone… What began as an idea two years ago has now come full circle in its second iteration. For the first […]

The Lean Startup of You

by Todd Connor

After lots of friends and colleagues pushed it as a must-read, I finally read Eric Ries’ The Lean Startup. In it, Ries suggests that startups need a different, more agile […]

Wildfire: The Showdown

by The Garage

With the fall quarter in full swing at Northwestern, we are so excited to see some familiar faces at The Garage again. And as the students begin to trickle in […]

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