Wildfire 2018: WingDing

by Faheem Tapia

Wildfire 2018: CoCo Health

by Marine Hasson

CoCo Health provides on-site mental wellness support for employers and employees by bringing counselors and providers to the workplace, breaking down barriers for stressed employees to manage stress effectively, and […]

Money Moves: This Year’s Biggest Wins

by The Garage

There’s a lot happening on any given day here at The Garage. Whether it’s prototyping a new piece of hardware in The Makerspace, a brainstorming session in the bean bag […]

Wildfire 2018: CEMarketing

by Faheem Tapia

CEMarketing is one of the latest startups coming out of The Garage that allows businesses to gain access to budding student marketers who can curate and manage all their marketing, […]

Wildfire 2018: Smartmove

by Faheem Tapia

Smartmove is the future of athletic training. It gives athletic trainers and coaches the ability to create smarter workout routines for their athletes, while keeping in mind the importance of both […]

VentureCat 2018: The Results

by The Garage

It’s officially a wrap on VentureCat 2018, Northwestern’s annual student startup competition. We had a full day of pitches from 29 of Northwestern’s best and brightest student founders from across […]

Wildfire 2018: FanHome

by Faheem Tapia

FanHome is the Airbnb for media and content viewing experiences. It brings together users who want to host watch parties at their home for their favorite content and meet new […]

VentureCat 2018: Meet the Semifinalists

by The Garage

VentureCat, Northwestern’s annual student startup competition, is an event and showcase celebrating Northwestern’s most promising student-founded startups, and we couldn’t be more excited about this year’s lineup. We have 29 […]

The Garage Goes to San Francisco

by The Garage

The rumors are true! We recently packed our bags, jumped on a plane, and took a group of student founders to the city where it all started: San Francisco. While […]

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