The Garage x McCormick

The Garage is a community and physical space for every Northwestern student interested in entrepreneurship to learn, iterate, and grow. We offer students resources, programming, and mentorship designed to help build the skills and entrepreneurial mindset they need to succeed in any industry.

Students from across the University bring a wide range of diverse academic and personal experiences that enrich the entrepreneurial environment at The Garage through exposure to new ideas, ways of thinking and skill sets.

In winter 2022, there are 87 McCormick students participating in programs at The Garage, working on projects ranging from Crown Care, a platform that aims to provide a sense of community and education for curly-haired individuals, to Acorn Genetics, which aims to create genetic testing kits that respect their users’ privacy, to InfernoGuard, a utility patented wildfire detection and warning system.

Kevin Kaspar, McCormick ’24

Kevin got involved with The Garage right away as a first-year student at Northwestern, first joining The Garage’s Tinker program and then becoming a Resident, where he is currently incubating his startup.

Major: Manufacturing and Design Engineering (MADE)

Project / Company: InfernoGuard is a utility patented wildfire detection and warning system for landowners in fire prone areas, ultimately improving response time and minimizing negative impacts of wildfires.

  • “As a first-year, The Garage Residency Program immediately provided me with an unparalleled opportunity to dive deep into pursuing my venture. But what’s been most valuable from my experiences so far are the mentors and student founders within The Garage community who are incredibly eager and willing to give their time in order to help me explore my passions.”

Rawan Modamed, McCormick ’23

Rawan is currently working alongside Charlotte Oxnam, McCormick ’23, on Cue the Curves as part of The Garage’s Residency program. Rawan also participated in Jumpstart, The Garage’s pre-accelerator program, and is a participant in the fall 2021 cohort of X-Factor, The Garage’s revolutionary leadership development program.

Major: Computer Science

Project / Company: Cue the Curves is a platform to help plus-size women find clothing brands they love.

  • “I didn’t have access to entrepreneurial figures growing up, so I’ve always thought of entrepreneurship as something that only a certain kind of person can do, and I just wasn’t built like that. As I got more involved with The Garage, the “successful entrepreneur” archetype in my head started to be reshaped. The Garage didn’t only help me launch my entrepreneurial journey, but it also created the space for me to explore what kind of leader I am and learn how to play to the strengths of my team through one-one mentorship and programs like X-Factor.”

Linus Okoth, McCormick ’23

Linus is currently a participant in The Garage’s Residency program. He is also a participant of the Winter 2021 cohort of X-Factor, The Garage’s revolutionary leadership development program. Outside of The Garage, Linus is part of the African Student Association and the Northwestern chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers.

Major: Computer Science, Computer Engineering

Project / Company: Explorate is a website that makes volunteering opportunities feel more meaningful by sharing information across volunteers to stay connected with each other.

  • The Garage provided me with support through both X-Factor and the Residency Program to not only gain insight on leadership and best entrepreneurial practices, but also to build a network of alumni and current students who share similar interests. Through this, I have gained invaluable social and professional experience that has accelerated my personal and professional development.

Charlotte Oxnam, McCormick ’23

Charlotte is a participant in The Garage’s Residency program. She was also a participant in the 2019-20 cohort of the Propel program. As a student aide at The Garage, she now helps to run the Propel cohort meetings connecting women founders.

Major: Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences

Project / Company: Cue the Curves is a platform to help plus-size women find clothing brands they love.

  • My being a part of The Garage is why Cue the Curves even exists. Being surrounded by students who were turning personal passions into businesses allowed me to really think about how I could create a startup that was addressing a topic I really cared about, but was also a viable business.”

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