The Garage x Medill

The Garage is a community and physical space for every Northwestern student interested in entrepreneurship to learn, iterate, and grow. We offer students resources, programming, and mentorship designed to help build the skills and entrepreneurial mindset they need to succeed in any industry.

Students from across the University bring a wide range of diverse academic and personal experiences that enrich the entrepreneurial environment at The Garage through exposure to new ideas, ways of thinking and skill sets.

In the fall of 2022, there were 15 Medill students participating in programs at The Garage. In addition, The Garage, in partnership with Medill, awarded the Media Entrepreneurship Fellowship to Alexis Grant, a graduate of Medill’s Master of Science in Journalism program.

Below are a few student stories.

Izzy Mokotoff, Medill ’24

Izzy has enthusiastically participated in multiple programs at The Garage including ResidencyPropel, The Garage’s program for female student entrepreneurs, and Jumpstart, The Garage’s summer pre-accelerator program. Alongside her co-founder, Alexis Chan, McCormick ’24 the team took home first place and the audience favorite award at the end-of-program Demo Day, securing a $5,000 prize. They were also featured in Chicago Inno’s annual ‘25 under 25 list.

Izzy Mokotoff

Major: Journalism

Minor: Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Project / Company: SteadyScrib is designing a pen to increase ability and independence for people with Parkinson’s Disease, specifically counteracting the most writing-inhibitive Parkinson’s symptoms.

  • Through the resources, programming, and mentorship offered at The Garage, Northwestern students are  empowered to develop their ideas and bring them to fruition. I have, and continue to, benefit and grow from the comprehensive and supportive environment fostered at The Garage; from learning how to pitch and build prototypes, to networking with industry professionals and receiving guidance from experienced mentors, student-entreprenuers are able to gain the skills and entrepreneurial mindset necessary to succeed in any industry they choose.” 

Eddy (Jun Hyung) Park, Medill ’23

Eddy was a participant in The Garage’s summer pre-accelerator program, Jumpstart. He was also a member of the Residency program building out his startup, WUD’V.

Eddy Park

Major: Journalism

Project / Company: WUD’V is a second-hand fashion marketplace of blank price tags: so that buyers won’t have to lose their favorite items and sellers won’t have to lose their clients.

Lauren Huttner, Medill ’24

Lauren is a current participant in the Residency program, having been involved in The Garage’s programs since 2020. She’s a member of the fifth cohort of the Little Joe Ventures Fellowship where a select group of students are offered immersive learning opportunities, networking, and a financial award. Additionally, Lauren was a participant in the Fall 2022 cohort of The Garage’s revolutionary leadership development program for student founders, X-Factor.

Lauren Huttner

Major: Journalism

Project / Company: Pebble Community Labs is a boutique agency helping creators and creator-adjacent brands build communities to engage their fans and gain valuable audience insight.

  • The Garage has been immensely helpful in navigating my entrepreneurial pursuits. I felt incredibly supported when making the transition from operating and founding. The programming the Garage provides, like X-Factor, has enhanced my Northwestern experience and prepared me to seek innovative opportunities. From having a workspace to conduct client work to collaborating with my peers, the Garage has become my second home.”

Ben Gardner, Medill ’24

Ben is a current participant in the Residency program working as a Sales and Marketing Lead on InfernoGuard, the VentureCat 2022 Grand Prize-winning team.

Ben Gardner

Major: Journalism

Project / Company: InfernoGuard is developing a utility-patented wildfire detection and warning system to improve response time and decrease the negative impacts for at-risk communities.

Nicole Markus, Medill ’24

Nicole is a member of The Garage’s Propel program – designed to create an inclusive community and resources for female student entrepreneurs at Northwestern.

Nicole Markus

Major: Journalism

Project / Company: Glass of my Dreams is a stained glass studio aimed at selling custom-made projects and teaching Northwestern students the art of glass.

Medill Students at The Garage

Tinker Program:

Josh MillerJosh Ferrara Zach Siegel
Maria HeimAndrew DanielsTobias Khabie

Residency Program:

Izzy MokotoffLauren HuttnerBen Gardner
Kate FawcettHarrison LarnerJackson Kruse
Michael Crystal

Jumpstart Program:

Izzy MokotoffEddy (Jun Hyung) Park

Propel Program:

Nicole Markus

X-Factor Program:

Lauren HuttnerKate Fawcett

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