Jumpstart 2021: Talaria

The Garage

The Garage recently met with Tucker Risman, Kellogg ’22 and founder of Talaria, a company which provides end-of-life planning tools and services to make it easier for people to manage […]

Jumpstart 2021: Rhetoric

The Garage

The Garage recently talked with Raman Malik, Kellogg ’22, co-founder of Rhetoric, to learn more about the company and their progress during Jumpstart, The Garage’s pre-accelerator program.  How is the […]

Jumpstart 2021: Demo Day Wrap Up

The Garage

We can’t believe summer is almost over – but, with the end of summer comes The Garage’s annual Demo Day, the culmination of our pre-accelerator program, Jumpstart (formerly known as […]

Jumpstart 2021: 8 in the Box Productions

The Garage

We recently took time to get to know the dynamic duo behind 8 in the Box (8itB) Productions – Harrison Larner, Medill ’23 and Matthew Coronado, School of Communication ’23. […]

Jumpstart 2021: 3 Point Productions

The Garage

The Garage recently caught up with the 3 Point Productions team, a participant in Jumpstart, The Garage’s pre-accelerator program, to learn more about their growth and goals during this summer. […]

Jumpstart 2021: Palette

The Garage

The Garage recently met with Nicola Craig, Kellogg ’22 + founder of Palette. Palette aims to be the DryBar for makeup services, which provides customers a way to feel like […]

Jumpstart 2021: bekome

The Garage

We recently met with Shanna Traphoner-Liu, Kellogg ’22/McCormick + founder of bekome, a web platform helping young adults find their right therapist based on personality, lifestyle and cultural fit, to […]

Jumpstart 2021: Beni

The Garage

We recently took time to get to know Sarah Pinner, Kellogg ’22, founder of Beni, to learn more about her company and her mission to make shopping sustainably easier.   How […]

Jumpstart 2021: Acorn Genetics

The Garage

The Garage recently sat down with Ana Cornell, McCormick ’22, founder of Acorn Genetics. We were excited to find out about her venture’s growth during Jumpstart, The Garage’s summer pre-accelerator […]

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