Tax Considerations for Award / Prize Money from The Garage

The Garage

Receiving a financial award through a program at The Garage or another University class or program is a great way to fund the early stages of experimentation and development for […]

Finding a Software Engineer for Your Startup

The Garage

It’s a common occurrence at The Garage and on college campuses around the country: someone who does not have a software engineering background has a great idea for an app, […]

A Guide to The Garage Slack

Rachel Cantor, SoC ’20

Posted May 1, 2020 I remember how intimidating it was to see over 600 students, most of whom don’t have profile pictures or titles, in The Garage Slack. It’s hard […]

How You Can Change Your Life in 30 Days

Devon Spungin ’22

A little while ago, I was sitting at dinner with my friends when one mentioned his recent discovery of the 30-day challenge. Every month, he picks something he’s always wanted […]

3 Entrepreneurial Lessons from My Time at Northwestern

Neal Taparia ’06

It’s true. Your business is your baby. Like raising a child, it requires a labor of love and constant nurturing. You can’t take a break from it, ignore it, or […]

Calling All Seniors: Six Tips for Your Future Side Hustle

Elisa Mitchell

Graduating and landing a first job can be a very exciting time. You may have dreamed of that first paycheck that will help you afford a work wardrobe and furnish […]

Sleep, It Does a Body Good.

The Garage

Jeff Bezos does it, Sheryl Sandberg does it, and many successful entrepreneurs do it.  They throw in the towel and go to sleep instead of burning the midnight oil. A […]

How Practicing Meditation Enhances Resilience

Cindy Conlon, J.D., Ph.D.

See if this resonates: You made a pitch that was turned down, or lost a close tennis match, or lost your temper in an emotionally charged discussion with your co-founder. […]

Entrepreneurial Courses @ Northwestern – Winter 2018

The Garage

The Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation’s business courses for Winter 2018 have been announced. To learn more about FCEI’s entrepreneurship opportunities, attend their upcoming Winter 2018 Information & Networking […]