Family Dinner: Kristi Ross

Collin Ritter

Welcome back, Wildcats! As if the start of a new quarter wasn’t exciting enough, the start of a new year brings all new possibilities for entrepreneurial minds. Earlier this week, […]

Family Dinner Recap: Josh Earnest

The Garage

On Tuesday, November 6, Northwestern students all over campus were repping their “I Voted” stickers proudly as the midterm elections took place across the nation. At the BrewBike shop, students […]

Family Dinner: Robert Chesney of Trunk Club

The Garage

On February 7, 2018, The Garage was excited to welcome Robert Chesney to our weekly Family Dinner. Robert is a former VP at eBay and former COO of Trunk Club. […]

Family Dinner: Ross Gordon of Mystery Tacklebox

The Garage

How many of us aren’t using a subscription services today? Whether it’s binge watching our favorite show on Netflix, cooking up our Blue Apron meals, or playing with new goodies […]

Family Dinner: Ben Weiss of Zcruit

The Garage

Sometimes, as a Resident at The Garage, it’s hard to envision what comes next. Do you take that job with a salary and benefits? Do you let your startup fold […]

Family Dinner: Jim Streibich

The Garage

Each week, The Garage is excited to welcome an experienced entrepreneur to join us for Family Dinner to share their founder story and some food with our Residents. It’s obviously […]

Family Dinner: Oliver Leopold

The Garage

Each week at Family Dinner, we’re excited to welcome an accomplished entrepreneur to share their founder story and tidbits of wisdom with our Resident students. And this week, we had […]

Family Dinner: Noah Mishkin

The Garage

Spring is in full swing at Northwestern, and that means that Family Dinners are underway again at The Garage! This quarter, The Garage is excited to welcome more than 14 […]

Family Dinner: Charles Adler

The Garage

This week, Resident Team of The Garage Unruled. launched their Kickstarter campaign, hoping backers around the country will join them in an initiative to inspire creative thinkers and students to […]