Makerspace Hours Fall 2016

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The Makerspace is where our students build. Our Makerspace has an  AR/VR Lab (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Lab)  and a Prototyping Lab.

The AR/VR Lab

The AR/VR Lab features the Oculus Rift, Microsoft HoloLens, and HTC Vive. All students, faculty and staff of Northwestern are welcome to visit during staffed hours. The last demo ends 15 minutes before the end of each shift. Come check it out!

The Prototyping Lab

The Prototyping Lab is equipped with Formlabs Form 2 3D printers, Makerbot Replicators, woodworking equipment, an electronics workbench, Carveys, a sewing machine and vinyl cutter. The Prototyping Lab is open to Garage Residents Only (students who are incubating their startups at The Garage).

Staffed Makerspace Hours for Fall 2016

Monday 9AM-12:30PM (Miki & Ryan) & 5:00PM – 6:30PM (Akash)

Tuesday 12PM-2PM (Miki & Gabe)

Wednesday 9AM-12:30PM (Ryan)

Thursday 11AM-2PM (Akash & Gabe)

Friday 9AM-12PM (Miki) & 1PM-5:00PM (Gabe)

Saturday 11AM-2PM (Ryan) – Residents Only

Sunday 11AM-2PM (Ryan) Residents Only


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