The Residency Program

For the truly committed entrepreneurs looking to grow their ideas as a part of The Garage community.

The Garage Residency Program is an opportunity for student teams, both undergraduate and graduate, to be core members of The Garage’s entrepreneurial community. Resident teams use The Garage as their office and receive special privileges like 24/7 access, a weekly Family Dinner and priority for Office Hours with mentors and staff. 

Ideas can be for profit or nonprofit, hardware or software, commercial products or artistic endeavors—anything that requires bringing a new idea to fruition. Resident teams are selected on a quarterly basis. To qualify for Residency, the team lead must have spent at least one quarter working on the current venture in The Tinker Program or The Residency Program. Also, any team with new leaders must spend at least a quarter in the Tinker Program.

24/7 Access

Residents get 24/7 access to The Garage, a dedicated desk, and access to reservable meeting rooms.


Resident teams are assigned a dedicated mentor in their industry, to help them on their entrepreneurial journey.

Family Dinner

Residents get an exclusive invite to our weekly Family Dinner, where we hear from a startup superstar.


(open to full-time, degree seeking Northwestern students only)

Please check back soon for updated application dates for the 2020-21 academic year.


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