The AR / VR / Media Lab

The Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Media Lab contains some of the most cutting-edge head-mounted displays available today. Residents of The Garage have access to the technology for the development of VR and AR software, and the Lab also functions as a photography and videography studio.

Staffed Hours

10:30 AM – 12:30 PM
5:00 – 7:00 PM

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Image of Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest 1

The Oculus Quest 1 is a standalone VR headset that offers full positional tracking, including for its two hand controllers, without the need for a PC. Since it doesn’t rely on a tethered computer or external sensors, it offers the largest tracking space out of any headset at The Garage, enabled by inside-out tracking. It is slightly lower resolution and refresh rate than the other headsets at The Garage, but still works very well. It can play many of the latest VR games through the Oculus Store as well as being able to wirelessly connect to a PC to play SteamVR games.

Oculus Quest 2

Like the Quest 1, the Oculus Quest 2 is a standalone VR headset that offers full positional tracking, including for its two hand controllers, without the need for a PC. Compared to the Quest 1, it has significantly higher resolution and refresh rate, making it competitive with some of the best headsets currently available. It can play many of the latest VR games through the Oculus Store as well as being able to wirelessly connect to a PC to play SteamVR games.

Image of Rift S

Oculus Rift S

The Rift S is the latest Oculus headset for PCs. Its largest improvement is inside-out tracking, so it no longer requires external sensors. It also offers an improved display, optics, and ergonomics over the original Rift. The Garage has many exclusive games, apps, and experiences through Oculus Home and Steam.

Image of HTC Vive Pro headset

HTC Vive Pro 2

The HTC Vive Pro is an upgraded version of the HTC Vive Pro, with a higher resolution and refresh rate screen and a higher field of view. Our setup includes the Vive Wireless Adapter for untethered use, and it’s housed in a dedicated 14’ by 14’ space with green screens and flooring. This space allows for “mixed reality” recordings that place a person’s image into the game they’re playing. The Garage has many games, apps, and experiences available through Steam.

Photo of Magic Leap One

Magic Leap One

The Magic Leap One is a standalone mixed reality headset that displays holograms on a transparent display. It offers several unique = features compared to HoloLens, including a larger field of view, two visual focus planes, eye tracking, and a positionally tracked controller. Like the HoloLens, it can map its environment, allowing for the interaction of real-world and virtual objects. Experiences are available through Magic Leap’s Lumin OS.

Image of HoloLens headset

Microsoft HoloLens

HoloLens is a Windows Mixed Reality headset that can map its environment to allow for realistic interaction of holograms with the real world. It is a completely wireless and self-contained computer headset that runs Windows 10. It displays holograms on a transparent display and is controlled through voice and hand gestures. We have many holographic apps developed specifically for HoloLens available through the Microsoft Store.

Image of Lightform LF1

Lightform LF1 Kit

The Lightform LF1 Kit uses computer vision and custom software to allow for easy projection mapping projects. It contains the LF1 vision hardware, an Epson projector, and a tripod. Through the Lightform Creator software, you can scan an environment and design projected AR visuals that interact with the depth, colors, and shapes of the scanned space.

Image of Ricoh Theta camera

Ricoh THETA V 360 4K Spherical VR Camera

The THETA V features two 12MP sensors and a twin-lens optical system that captures two wide-angle images and automatically stitches them into one complete spherical image.

Image of camera

Canon XA10 Video Camera

The VR/AR Lab has a photography and videography setup complete with a green screen and flooring, adjustable lights, and recording equipment. This includes the Canon XA10 camcorder, Rode shotgun mic, 360fly 4K camera, Manfrotto tripod, and more.

Image of Rode RODECaster Pro

Podcasting Kit

Our podcasting kit has all the professional equipment needed for high-quality podcast recording. It includes the RØDECaster Pro, an all-in-one setup with four microphone channels, programmable soundboard, SD recording, and Bluetooth connection for making calls with your phone. Four microphones and headphones complete the kit, housed in a portable case.

Image of Zoom H6

Miniature Podcasting Kit

Our miniature podcasting kit contains the Zoom H6 portable recorder, two swappable microphones, and a convenient case for taking the kit on-the-go.

Phone Video Kit

Everything you need to record a simple video with your phone. Kit includes a tripod mount, microphone, LED light.

Image of Mortal Kombat arcade cabinet

Mortal Kombat II

Our 1993 Mortal Kombat II arcade cabinet was rescued in nonworking condition from a dumpster, fully restored at The Garage, and retrofitted to play hundreds of classic arcade games in addition to Mortal Kombat II.


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