Image of Amper team

Amper co-founders: (L to R) Sachin Lal ’16; Philip House ’15;  Akshat Thirani ’16

Amper team (L to R): Joseph Mazrimas, Philip House ’15, Tatiana Orlova, Akshat Thirani ’16, Justice Reed ’16, and Sachin Lal ’16.

About NUseeds Funding

Amper, co-founded by three Northwestern students as undergraduates, helps factory managers improve their operations by providing real-time data on critical manufacturing metrics, which helps reduce lead times and waste. Amper is one of the most recent recipients of NUSeeds funding, and is currently operating out of Chicago.

NUseeds is Northwestern’s $4M pre-seed/seed investment fund. The funding comes from philanthropic donations to Northwestern and is intended to accelerate the successful launch of innovations from Northwestern students and finance the most promising early-stage student ventures. We look for teams who have an outsized vision and would benefit materially from incremental financial support. NUseeds writes checks in the $10,000 – $100,000 range in exchange for equity.

Application Requirements:

Interested student founders should e-mail The Garage at

Garage Residency

Applicants must have participated in The Garage Residency Program.

Product-Market Fit

Applicants must have established a product-market fit.

Growth Phase

Applicants must have entered the growth phase of their startup.

Pitch Deck

Submit a pitch deck.


Financial details including a cap table and other participating investors.


A timeline of the round and when it's expected to close.

Teams are vetted by the NUseeds External Investment Committee: 

Peter Boyce

General catalyst + rough draft ventures

Ezra Galston

Starting Line

Danielle Lay

NEA + Weinberg ’16

Tom Loverro

IVP Partners + Kellogg ’11

Rick Zullo

Equal Ventures