Office Hours

Office Hours

Whether you have an idea in mind or want to learn more about entrepreneurship, Office Hours at The Garage are an ideal way for curious Northwestern students to get involved with the startup community or get help to push a venture forward.

Office Hours are provided by The Garage Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, The Garage staff + students, vetted professional service providers, and visiting experts in a wide array of topics and are open to Northwestern students, faculty, and staff. 

New to The Garage? Just came up with your idea? We recommend you schedule office hours with a peer first to brainstorm and learn more about The Garage experience as a student. As your idea and your commitment to your idea grow, we recommend you meet with staff or EIRs at The Garage. Finally, consider reaching out to a mentor if your startup is taking off.

Have an idea?

We recommend your first stop is to talk to a peer.

Weekly Office Hours with Residents at The Garage:

Alexis Baudron, McCormick ’20, Software and Hardware Engineer, Schedule via Calendly

Vishaal Mali, McCormick ’20, Co-founder, PedalCell, Schedule via Calendly

Don Meier, Kellogg ’20, Co-founder, Lineshift, Schedule via Calendly

Adam Motley, Kellogg ’19, Founder, Movo ChairSchedule via Calendly

Lucas Philips, SESP ’19, Founder, BrewBike, Schedule via Calendly

Bennett Hensey, McCormick ’19 + Kripa Guha, McCormick ’19, Unruled., Schedule via Calendly

Please note office hours with peers are intended for students wishing to discuss their startup idea or get entrepreneurial advice. These are not intended for interview sessions for course work.

Want to learn more about The Garage and your resources?

Meet with Garage Staff or EIRs.

Weekly Office Hours with Garage Staff + EIRs:

Melissa Kaufman, Executive Director,  Schedule via Calendly

Hayes Ferguson, Associate Director, Schedule via Calendly

Tom Hayden, Entrepreneur-in-Residence,  Schedule via Calendly

Lilia Kogan, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Schedule via Calendly

Mike Saunders, Entrepreneur-in-Residence,  Schedule via Calendly

Chris Steiner, Entrepreneur-in-Residence,  Schedule via Calendly

Ready to make a serious commitment to building your idea?

Meet with a potential mentor.

Office Hours with Mentors:

Rich Box, Mentor, Email

Paul Burton, Mentor, Email

Brad Falkof, Mentor, Email

Need advice on a specific topic?

Browse our Office Hours with visiting experts.

Office Hours with Visiting Experts:

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