Office Hours

Office Hours

Whether you have an idea in mind or want to learn more about entrepreneurship, Office Hours at The Garage are an ideal way for curious Northwestern students to get involved with the startup community or get help to push a venture forward.

Office Hours are provided by The Garage Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, The Garage staff, vetted professional service providers, and visiting experts in a wide array of topics.


Weekly Office Hours with Garage Staff + EIRs + Mentors:

Melissa Kaufman, Executive Director Tuesdays and Thursdays | Schedule via Calendly

Billy Banks, Associate Director Tuesdays and Thursdays | Schedule via Calendly

Tom Hayden, Entrepreneur-in-Residence | Flexible Days | Schedule via Calendly

Mike Saunders, Entrepreneur-in-Residence | Flexible Days | Schedule via Calendly

Chris Steiner, Entrepreneur-in-Residence | Flexible Days | Schedule via Calendly

Hayes Ferguson, Entrepreneur-in-Residence | Flexible Days | Schedule via Calendly

Steve Hole, Mentor | Alternating Wednesdays | Schedule via Calendly

Suzanne Cohodes, Mentor | Thursdays | Schedule via Calendly

Neal Sales-Griffin, Mentor | Mondays | Schedule via Calendly


Office Hours with Visiting Experts:

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Marketing + Sales + Branding | 2/23 | Schedule via Calendly

Patent + IP Legal | 2/20 | Schedule via Calendly

Accounting + Taxes | 2/22 | Schedule via Calendly

Moringa's Global Tech Innovation Fellowship | 2/17 & 2/19 | Schedule via Calendly

1517 Fund | 2/27 | Schedule via Calendly

500 Startups | 3/2 | Schedule via Calendly

B2B 3/2 | Schedule via Calendly