The Garage San Francisco is an initiative to build a community of Northwestern alumni working in tech in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s an extension of The Garage at Northwestern. The Garage SF provides programming, resources, and support for founders, operators, and investors in an effort to increase the visibility and accessibility of the 16,000+ Northwestern alumni who call the Bay Area home.

Our goal for The Garage SF is to create a “platform for serendipity” for alumni to support each other professionally and connect with others who have similar interests, job functions, and ambitions.

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Northwestern alumni participating in events hosted by The Garage SF, including a Founders Dinner and Discussion and Product Manager Roundtable


The Garage SF operates out of Northwestern University’s academic space at 44 Montgomery Street in the heart of downtown San Francisco. While the facility is primarily used for Northwestern’s immersive academic programming, it also serves as a world class venue for events and gatherings organized by The Garage SF.

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