Ben Williams

Strengthening the relationship between the Northwestern community and Evanston businesses by designing a personalized discount aggregation platform


Elisabeth Wright

Providing transparency and accountability for mail-in/absentee voters.

On Brand

Elisabeth Wright

On Brand is the newest, highly personalized, online shopping platform that aggregates all the brands and products that YOU love in one, easy-to-shop-from interface, and uses your shopping patterns to […]


Elisabeth Wright

Mind reading to predict performance.

Minimal Snacks

Elisabeth Wright

A health snack startup that creates high quality products with recognizable ingredients you can count on one hand.

Mark IV Games

Elisabeth Wright

A board game design and publishing company geared towards creating, marketing and selling original games.

Iris Education

Elisabeth Wright

Clear, concise and centralized access to U.S college culture.


Elisabeth Wright

Creating software that offers reselling businesses data-driven assistance in managing inventory, pricing product, identifying profitable product, and optimizing other back end operations.


Elisabeth Wright

HuddleMD combines medical data with social determinants of health to revolutionize remote patient monitoring for congestive heart failure.