BrewBike is providing the Northwestern Community with its caffeine fix in the most convenient way, everyday.

Founded in 2015 by Lucas Philips and Brammy Geduld, BrewBike is the first student-owned and student-run coffee venture at Northwestern University. We proudly serve LIMITLESS Coffee & Tea, Bennison Bakery’s pastries and Lark & Birch Overnight Oats. We are fully operated and staffed by Northwestern undergraduate students.

Experiential learning and entrepreneurship is at the core of our venture. We are supported by mentors Melissa Kaufman, Billy Banks and Elisa Mitchell of The Garage at Northwestern, and Matt Matros of LIMITLESS Coffee & Tea. With the unwavering hustle of our team, the wise help of our mentors, and our generous Indiegogo contributors, we have turned our dream into a reality.